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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Kutcher Tax Careers?
Kutcher Tax Careers is one of a select group of specialty boutique recruiting firms based in the NYC Tri-state area. We provide tax personnel to leading Fortune 500 corporations, CPA firms and emerging growth companies. We take the personal touch approach - you'll always deal directly with the owner of the firm. Our fully automated database of tax candidates and clients allows us to retrieve needed information within seconds. Kutcher Tax Careers focuses on meeting the tax staffing requirements of companies needing tax professionals in high demand low supply market segments.

2. There Are Several Staffing Firms Out There - Why Use Kutcher Tax Careers?
Let's face it, there may be several types of recruiters with whom you'll come into contact when looking for a tax professional or a tax position. There are those who handle the tax function as "an ancillary" area to their principal focus. That is, if they happen to have a person's resume in their files that has tax experience, then they'll present that person to their client company. Another type are "salespeople" who hope to make a placement by flooding the hiring company with resumes. They merely use buzzwords to try to get by. We are unique in the fact that we understand your needs and devote our full time to servicing the tax community. We present a person only if we believe that the candidate and the company are a "match" and we work with the client to understand his/her needs and goals.

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3. How Does Your Firm Get Paid?

There is never a fee charged to the candidate. The hiring company pays us a percentage of the person's first-year salary. (The rate is competitive with the market, and we often give "multiple-placement discounts" to encourage companies to consider our candidates.) We always offer a guarantee period which commences with the candidate's first day of employment. Our fee varies based on several factors that are discussed with the hiring company at the time the "job-order" is given to us. Note that we're a contingency-based firm with retainer proficiency.

4. Why Pay A Fee To a Staffing Firm When We Can Get Tax Candidates Through An Ad or the Internet?
There are many reasons, but essentially, you get what you pay for! Kutcher Tax Careers produces quality candidates and saves our client companies time. Quality candidates become quality employees, who are likely to save our clients money as they perform their work. Ads draw quantity but not necessarily quality. There is usually a heavy volume of responses you must sort through and screen. The majority of candidates have either too little or too much experience compared with your requirements or don't possess the proper specialization (e.g., Multistate Sales and Use Tax). We get a substantial amount of business from companies who run ads hoping to attract the right candidate, but find that they are better served by using our services. We extend our client companies' reach into the market, resulting in quicker, more accurate, and better placements.

In other circumstances, a company seeks to replace or upgrade the position of an existing employee without that person's knowledge. Since the company can't run an ad identifying itself, it may consider running a "blind" or "box" ad. Many companies avoid that approach because potential applicants refrain from responding out of concern that it's their own company doing the advertising! Our services utilize a confidential and methodical approach to identifying the right tax candidate.

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5. How Does Kutcher Tax Careers Obtain Candidates?
Even though we have one of the largest and most comprehensive databases of tax professionals in the NYC area, we're constantly in touch with "new" potential candidates and monitor the status of existing candidates. Many tax professionals approach us to inquire about the tax job market because they are too busy to conduct an effective search on their own.

Furthermore, we tap into our network of thousands of tax folks we've built relationships with over the years. Through word-of-mouth, mailings, the Internet and recommendations/referrals, dozens of tax professionals come to us each week for assistance in their confidential job searches. We also actively recruit for specific assignments. The majority of the tax professionals with whom we deal are not actively looking to change jobs, but are open to hearing about opportunities that could advance their careers. With Kutcher Tax Careers' daily contacts in the market, candidates are assured of getting the widest exposure and the highest income possible at any given time. Our broader contact base enables us to help candidates realize their full market potential.

6. Describe Your Firm's Client Base And Geographical Areas Served.
Our firm, based in Westchester County - near NYC, serves diverse businesses of all sizes NATIONWIDE. We work to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients that enable us to better understand each company's culture and personality of the management involved in the selection process for new employees. Many people we place grow within the ranks of their companies and later call us to request assistance with their staffing needs. Our success is measured in part by our high retention rate as well as repeat business.

7. What Is The Most Common Type Of Tax Position Handled By Your Firm?
Although we occasionally handle "high-level" tax positions (i.e., VP of Tax with $150,000+ salaries), our real "bread and butter" are the lower-to-middle-level spots (i.e., tax staff, seniors and managers). We realize that there will always be a significant need at that level. About one-third of our time is spent working on tax manager positions. The indirect tax area is currently our hottest! Due to the Wayfair court decision, we are getting numerous requests for sales tax specialists. While a vast number of companies outsource their tax work to independent CPA firms, many "small-cap" growth as well as larger companies constantly do "cost-benefit analyses" to plan their in-house tax capabilities, and thus are in the market for qualified tax professionals. More and more companies are in touch with Kutcher Tax Careers in making those plans.