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Referral Fees (The usual and current fee is $1,000 but varies in different situations.)

There are 2 ways a referral fee can be earned

The first way is for a referral to a PERSON who we place in a position where the guarantee period (usually 90-days) has been satisfied. We must not have been in contact with this person in the recent past with regard to their interest in a job change.

For Referrals to Potential TAX Candidates:
(Please complete as much as you know below and "cut and paste" this required information to us in an email)

Your Name:
Name of person referred:
Title/Level/or Specialty:
Work #:
Home and/or Mobile #:
OK to use your name?
How you know him/her:

The second way is for any JOB LEADS that we are not already aware of (in the "private sector"- but not with a CPA firm or law firm). Perhaps you went on an interview and you were not interested in pursuing the opportunity. Maybe you were approached about a tax job that is not suitable for you (e.g. salary or location not a fit). If you pass a valuable lead like this on to us and we successfully fill a job because of this "new information," we will gladly pay you a referral fee.

Notes: Chances are that if the job was advertised on the Internet, we already know about that position. Lastly, only jobs within the geographical region we cover would be of interest to us. Must be submitted to us in writing and acknowledged by Kutcher Tax Careers, Inc.

Note that all information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your name will NOT be connected in any way, unless you tell us otherwise!

For Referrals to TAX Job Leads:
Please complete as much as you know below and please email.

Company Name:
Title of Job:
Basic Job Duties:
Approx. Pay:
How you heard about it: