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Case Studies/ Success Stories

Case #1
I was graciously helping a tax manager (who I have known since she was just an entry-level staff tax accountant many years ago)--find a tax spot in a geographical area that I did not yet do business in at the time. I provided her with job leads, names of some VP's of tax and substantially upgraded her resume. Since she landed a job through one of my leads, she offered to compensate me, but I declined. A year later, she was looking to build an internal tax department and gave me an exclusive,. It was mutually beneficial as I was able to fill 5 tax jobs with her company.

Case #2

A Human Resources manager of a large multi-national corporation asked for my assistance to fill a tax job. She was using several other agencies. The tax director was frustrated because there was a high volume of resumes being forwarded by their HR manager but very few were on point. Accordingly, when I asked many questions--like how many entities they have (consolidated vs. separate companies), number of states they file in, type of tax systems used, etc.--I was told that no others needed to know such a deep level of details and asked to meet me in person to discuss the role further. It was determined that the job specs needed to be revised and fortunately, I had the right mix of candidates to successfully not only fill that role, but it was determined that a sales tax analyst was also needed to work at one of their divisions. We are now the "go to" source for tax talent.

Case #3

A tax professional sent me her resume hoping that I could place her at a large corporation. Upon review I noticed that the way her resume was written it appeared that she was a "generalist". I advised her to highlight the fact that she spends a substantial amount of her time preparing International tax returns. Accordingly, she adjusted her resume to reflect the fact that she prepares Forms 5471, 1118, etc., as well as performing Earnings & Profits and Foreign Source Income analysis work. With her revised resume, I was able to get her several interviews and placed her in the International Tax Department of a Global Conglomerate.

Additional cases to be added soon...