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why use us?

Why Use Us

  • We live and breathe tax!!
  • The owner maintains his CPA license and is required by NY State to take 24 hours of continuing professional education per year. This keeps him sharp and up to date with the latest tax laws.
  • Our firm asks Tax directors if they outsource any tax functions and are often instrumental with advice regarding the cost/benefit of bringing more tax people in-house. We are strong advocates of that and accordingly, have built numerous tax departments.
  • Due to our sterling reputation and proven high level of success, a substantial amount of our business are from many of the same Tax Directors--who use us even when they change companies--we love repeat business!
  • We regularly research Corporate headquarters moves and take action before the actual relocation takes place.
  • Also analyze where the corporate tax departments are located nationwide. It is often that the corporate income tax is done at headquarters while the Sales/Use/Property and/or Payroll tax is performed at a shared services facility in a low cost state. We enjoy asking many questions (knowledge is power!!)
  • Too many other reasons to list!