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While the Human Resources Department is a vital function in any organization, we find that in many instances, we are restricted in providing our unique services due to "over screening: The following scenario happens all too often: we become aware of an open tax role and after speaking with the Tax Director, that person decides they WANTS TO USE OUR SERVICES due to our superior screening process and/or regarding a great candidate who is spot on for the role they have open. However, the HR representative will not cooperate and I can't move forward. So instead of dealing with a tax staffing expert who has placed hundreds of tax candidates in over 3 decades, I get associated with a "new" recruiter who just started his/her career and has no clue about the complexities of corporate taxation. Accordingly they present a candidate who does not fit the role. However, we've had many satisfied clients over the years who use our services whenever the need arises. In fact, we keep in touch, with the company several times a year to coordinate their tax staffing needs on a forward basis.

Once we become an approved vendor, it is rare that we do not get our annual contract renewed upon expiration. Furthermore, when an HR contact leaves his/her company, it's very common that they will use our service at the new company they go to.

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We have a vast array of candidates for your review and consideration. Please contact us for details on how we can meet your hiring objectives in strictest confidence.

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If you're having trouble filling a particular tax position, why not consider having a temporary, part-time or per-diem tax specialist do the job in the meantime? We charge much less than a temp firm would and, if you decide to hire the person permanently, we'll even deduct the fee already paid to us!

Note: we offer free detailed job descriptions for various types of tax roles. Please inquire for further details.


Please call us to discuss our very attractive rates and guarantee terms!


We've placed more "Sales, Use, and Property tax candidates" than any other area of specialty tax candidate groups. Of course, the #1 most-placed type are "Generalists" (i.e., someone who gets involved with Federal income tax, as well as state and local tax.) Due to the ever evolving tax law changes, please check with us as our firm monitors the type of individuals who seem to be in the highest demand.

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'A Blast From The Past'

by Howie Kutcher, CPA/MS (Tax)
President, Kutcher Tax Careers, Inc.

We've informally surveyed over 2 dozen corporate tax directors and managers about their opinions of OUTSOURCING the tax function vs. keeping it in-house. These are some of our findings:

PRO: The CFO (or Treasurer, etc.) may save money on salaries and benefits and get "the prestige" of having an outside Big 4 CPA firm perform the work.

CON: There seem to be many. One, for example, is that the quality of the work below manager and/or partner on the engagement leaves a lot to be desired. Oftentimes they'll put on the account a junior-type who has a lot to learn. Then again, even more experienced personnel wouldn't be as familiar with the company's books and history as an in-house tax person. Not only would this affect the compliance, but it would carry over to the learning curve needed for tax audits, potential planning opportunities, etc.

Editor's note: What you see above is merely a "skeleton outline" of the fuller article that I will be writing and expanding upon in the near future.

Keeping In Touch:
Hiring Contact (i.e., Tax Director, Human Resources Manager, Controller)

Do you have any current staffing needs? If so, please complete the section that says "List your jobs". Furthermore, if you anticipate any future openings, then please let us know in advance. We know from experience that a lot of times there are positions that suddenly become available that the hiring person knows about in advance. Why wait?! Even if the position has not been "formally approved", we can do a preliminary search for you (or at least, give you a complimentary assessment as to the probability of filling the position quickly/easily based on the tax market climate). We are constantly in touch with tax professionals, so we "know who's out there!"

Note that our fee arrangements can be more flexible than many of our competitors (please see the section entitled "About our fees" under the "Frequently Asked Questions". Also note that because of the nature of our business, we pride ourselves on being able to respond quickly, unlike a large executive search or national staffing firm where there are many layers of people you may talk to. Here, you won't get "bounced around"- you'll always speak to Howard Kutcher-one of the most experienced and knowledgeable tax recruiters around!

Staffing Solution

Please first print out the bottom portion of this page and then either mail or email as a separate attachment.

___ We have a current tax position. Please contact us now to discuss.

___ Same as above, but we will be in touch with you to discuss details.

___ We anticipate a future opening(s). Let's discuss: ( ) Now ( ) Future (list follow-up date________________)

___ We want free advice on tax market conditions.

___ We wish to have a current fee agreement on file with your company (either we have an old one or you're not yet an "approved vendor.")

___ Other (explain) ________________________________

Hiring Trends and Items

Some ideas/tips about tax staffing (based on our experience):

  • Consider hiring tax interns. Some of the larger tax departments we know of regularly employ part-time students who are going either for their bachelor degree in accounting/ or joint tax/finance degrees. We will be happy to guide you (as a courtesy) as to an efficient way of proceeding with this wise path (we have connections with many colleges.)
  • We see people re-entering the workforce (e.g., after being on maternity leave, etc.) Some wish to work on a part-time/flexible basis. You can get high-quality talent this way without having to provide benefits in most cases.
  • To make current employees jobs more stimulating, perhaps you can put certain policies into effect (if you haven't already done so) such as "cross-training" (e.g. switching duties), flex-time, telecommuting, contests, etc. We get positive feedback from many of our candidates that these "ancillary benefits" are important to them.
  • In addition to "what's on paper", place a little more emphasis on such intangibles as: intellect, motivation, style, personality and potential (or existing) management/leadership ability.